Trying to reconnect with my creativity
Don't forget the spin cycle
Published on October 18, 2015 By Slybutshy1958Two In Life, the Universe and Everything

Today we challenge ourself - in the deep hours of the night

Dark paints the windows, and change is in the air

The sweltering of the summer nights - august in houston

Steam and texas city smelling


those days are done now and it is October

both the month and the season of my life

the dogs are getting older and we worry about bringing them a new friend

will they live longer than i will?

will i some how accidentally cause pain to one who i love?

can i save my lover and keep him on dry land

or will he drown in the pain of memories forgotten so hard

forgotten hard and cannot remember

how can you fix that cross, the one you can't remember

don't see

yet feel so deeply...

my poor lost love lying here next to me

do you even find peace in your dreams - or do nightmares chase you up the canyons into the depths

of despair


and so alone

sad, right here with me

i hold you in my arms

and you are the void of mewling pain



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