Trying to reconnect with my creativity
The reality i created
Published on January 29, 2016 By Slybutshy1958Two In Philosophy

Reaching 57 years, and by now, my life is the one i have/am creating

the obligations i fulfill are of my choosing

the priorities i meet my own

So looking around, what do i see.

Gadgets, and gizmos

spaces with safety and function

echos of parties and greet/meetings

tastes lingering on my tongue.

how many tastes do i yet yearn for?

What lies untasted in my dreams?


Am i full-some with dreams saited. No longer hungry?


Who loves me and gazes with wonder when i arise in the morning?

3 silly puppies, 3 more fuzzy felines, and one man, working already.

Reaching for his own stars in the rising sun...


I hail you my Caesar, from afar.

My own Rome.

Thank you.

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